SHARE is an online literary blog series for people to come and share their personal stories of adversity, hardships, achievements and growth.

SHARE is a space for artists to submit non-fiction or creative non-fiction prose, poetry or visual artwork that portrays personal experiences from their lives.

At some point in our lives, we are each faced with a dilemma, which can cause us to pause and question: Why am I here? What is my purpose?

By sharing our stories and learning about the journey others have faced in overcoming their difficulties, we learn that we are not alone. Sharing can help us create meaningful connections, build relationships and contribute something of substance and value to the world. Sharing can help others through similar issues and it can grant us the strength to find our voice, which can ultimately lead us on the path to self-discovery. 

New and experienced writers are welcome!  
Everyone has a story! Every story matters, What is yours?

Contributors are encouraged to SHARE stories of fear, harm or violence. Stories of love, loss and illness, isolation and addiction. Whatever your story is, you are welcome to share it with us. 

Submission Guidelines:

Prose: Please submit an original, unpublished story up to 5,000 words, double spaced, 12-font in a single Word document.

Poetry: Please submit 3 – 5 poems, 12-font in a single Word document. Poems should be submitted in a single file, separated by titles or page breaks.

Visual art: Please submit the following: JPEG or PDF in single Word document file.

–  Please include your name, email and word count on the top of the first page. 
–  Please include a biography about yourself and a photo.
–  You are welcome to use this opportunity to represent your line of work and/or marketing platform of your choosing. If you choose to do so, please include links to your blog, website, and information to your social medial podiums.
Please Note: All rights revert to the author upon publication, though we ask you cite SHARE when published elsewhere. 
Thank you for choosing SHARE as a home for your work. 
We look forward to reading your story!