Hey there, I’m Britt.

I’m a New York-based writer, editor, and marketing director for Share Journal, an online literary space that publishes the work of talented writers & artists. I am the author of the novel series The Pace of Nature, currently in submission for publication.

The Pace of Nature, tells the tale of Lilly Difeo’s horrific school-yard accident and how it shapes her life. A heart-throbbing tale about loss and betrayal. A surprising discovery about what Lilly is made of when she finds herself stuck at a boarding school hundreds of miles from home, struggling to survive through a continuous cycle of unforeseen circumstances.   

The Pace of Nature is a fiction, coming-of-age novel that charts the life of Lilly Difeo from ages 7-16.

After a school-yard accident that interrupts her childhood, fifteen-year-old Lilly Difeo finds herself trapped at a cult-like boarding, at the mercy of a group of people beholden to a toxic belief system. Struggling to survive, Lilly is faced with a dilemma and forced to choose between her friends, her sense of right and wrong, and a clear path home.

Lilly fights to save her identity – on her terms, all while trying to break stereo types of what it means to live with a disability.

SHARE is an online literary journal that publishes fiction, non-fiction, essays, poetry and visual artwork, and features a new artist each month.

Click HERE to learn more about Share Journal and how you can be a part of our social cause, which helps children & teens who have disabilities find their voice and imagination through reading and writing.


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From poetry to short stories, my work has been published in various literary magazines across the country.

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