About Britt

Britt DiGiacomo is a New York based writer who earned her MFA from Manhattanville College.

Britt is certified in Digital Marketing from University of Vermont.

Britt is the editor-in-chief for Share Journal, an online literary space that publishes the work of talented writers and artists.  

Author of the upcoming novel series The Pace of Nature – currently in submission for publication – Britt tells the tale of Lilly Difeo’s horrific school-yard accident and how it shapes her life. Struggling to survive through a continuous cycle of unforeseen circumstances, Lilly fights to save her identity – on her terms, all while trying to break stereo types of what it means to live with a disability.


More on Britt:

Britt has been actively working towards uniting Share Journal with a non-profit organization & social good cause. She wants SHARE to stand for something and to be a part of a lasting community, one with an aim to help children and youth who have learning difficulties and/or financial hardships find their voice through the practice of writing.

It is her hope in the near future for SHARE to host a workshop called Finding Your Voice Through Writing, where she and other contributors will travel around the tristate area and beyond, and pass the gift of writing onto those who need to find creative outlets to express themselves, and find their voice through sharing their stories. 

Britt says: “At some point in our lives, we are each faced with a dilemma, which can cause us to pause and question: Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Everyone faces adversity; it’s all around us in one way or another and can come in all shapes and forms. From wildfires to floods, to the challenges one’s face when raising children and working a full-time job. To the overbearing demands and workload of a student. Adversity can range from physical to mental difficulties, financial struggles, dealing with the loss of a loved one, overcoming a form of abuse, and so on.

Britt says: “After the accident and after my diagnosis, I was left with little to feel good about. My brain had been injured. I had lost most of my memories and gained a great deal of struggle when it came to learning new things. Certain things I had previously learned, I had to relearn all over again. For most of my childhood, it was impossible for me to pass a grade without the aid and assistance from doctors and tutors.

I had lost sight of my dreams, my self-esteem, a sense of who I was and my ability to connect with others. I was stuck, as if walking through a thick layer of fog, I couldn’t see what lay ahead of me. My thoughts were muddled and I was unable to process anything outside of the pain I was feeling in the moment.

It wasn’t until I was fifteen, homesick at boarding school, living amongst others who struggled with their own obstacles, when I realized, I was not alone. I wasn’t even close to being the only one who lived with pain and worry. And so gradually, over time, through the example of others, I began to open up, speak my mind and talk about my difficulties with learning and memory. By doing so, little by little, I found my voice. I found clarity in my thoughts, and sure enough, built the confidence I needed to face my fears. Yes, my brain works differently than others but I took the time to figure myself out, and eventually, I was able to study independently from doctors and tutors. 

Eventually, I came to understand that my past, the accident and everything that had happened to me, taught me about who I am, and showed me all that I am capable of.

Sharing can inspire, it can heal, which was why I chose to get an education in writing, and why I sat down to write The Pace of Nature, a story based on true events from my life. 

I share my story in hopes to connect with others. To let those who wake up each morning with an obstacle to face know that they are not alone in this. I write to show that despite the hardship one may face, one can find direction and happiness, and begin the precipitous climb towards discovering themselves.”



Britt graduated from Mercy college in 2012 with a Bachelors in Science in English literature, research and education. She Graduated Sigma Tau Delt. 

In 2012 Britt received the Joannes Christie award for Outstanding Student in English Literature. The same year, she was granted the  Eileen Mc-Mahon award for Excellence in Humanities.

While earning her MFA at Manhattanville, Britt served as production editor at The Manhattanville Review.

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