MY LOVE, Published by “Women Around Town” 2/14/19

Look at me
look passed my eyes
and listen 
I do not love you because I have to
or because I fear being alone 
or because time moving forward means
having to settle for the things you need
I am not a broken heart 
but I get cold when standing under a tree 
with the sun on the other side of the world
though, I still crave the deep shades of night 
the silence of the sky

my eyes are always wandering 
I’m in a constant search for answers  
and there are times when I don’t want to go inside 
because going inside means the world becomes small
but I love the way I feel when I walk through our door 
and I hear the shower running 
and the dog races down the stairs to meet me
after dinner 
we lay in bed and through our window
street lights glare
but in the distance, we can see the moon 
(we can see the sky through 
every window in our home)
and in these nights 
in your arms
with the trees and fields 
the moon and stars
and you
dreaming with your eyes open
I know we’ve created our own world 
our own language 
even when the clouds swarm 
and the moon can no longer be seen
and everything of nature creeps back 
into the dark crevices of earth,
our love, 
like a star after death
will shine on

Published on 2/14/19 by Women Around Town