in modern, published by Women Around Town on 6/28/20

I’m scrolling through stories on social
to engage with influencers 
will give me a chance

I’m scrolling and looking
and the thought of expressing myself

in 140 characters or less 
is simply overwhelming

I use my thumb to double click 
and as I like a post, I see 
my nails are bitten down
and stubby 

I rather be writing 

I look towards the window 
at the daisies I plucked from the garden last week
they are wilting 

one, I step up from the chair

draw the curtains to help close-out 
the blue light

the only sound I hear as I 
sit back down with my phone is the 
steady beat of rain 
beating against my ledge

(I scroll and click 
I rub my eyes until they burn)

I light a candle
step into the bathtub
scrub my body hard with soap

I just want to write

the phone buzzes 
again and 

I dip my head under water 
in search for a quiet
corner inside of me

once I find it 
I think

I am not lost

Published by Women Around Town on 6/28/20