Jupiter in Taurus, Published by “Boulder Weekly” 8/3/18

I press the snooze button on my alarm
three times and then 
finally wake up happy 
I step in to the outfit 
already laid out, place my foot 
in a shoe that didn’t cost 
too much, 
I sit on the couch drinking coffee
a stain appears on my shirt
I glance out the window – no rain
I scrub the stain out, 
eat the leftovers, 
eye old memories hanging 
like art on my fridge 
my phone is fully charged 

I head in to work passing by
a cop who doesn’t pull out behind me 
I dig around for the lipstick that 
fell under my seat 
I brought my own lunch from home, but today 
I get extra food for free 
the fortune cookie tells me 
the fortune you seek is in another cookie 
I eat another cookie
nothings impossible to a willing heart
I hear a ding on my phone
a venmo payment comes through 
I leave work early and a stranger at the gym
tells me I have good hair even though it’s
mostly tied back in a bun
he begins to show me an arm exercise 
I sneeze and scratch my nose
he jolts and walks away 
I find a twenty in my pocket
that I’d forgotten all about 

At home I eat dinner while reading through
my list 
100 things to do before I die 
I add 89 – give blood 
90 – yoga retreat in Costa Rica 
my favorite song comes on
I hit repeat and find I have just
enough milk for another bowl of cereal. 
Published August 3rd, 2018 by Boulder Weekly