SHARE is a Podcast & Blog series about young women that provides an open platform of discussion for woman. SHARE is a safe space for women to open up, and share their personal stories of pain and adversity.

We will be going around speaking to women of all ages and learning about their stories. Stories of fear, harm and violence.  Stories of love, loss and illness, isolation and addiction. Whatever your story is, we are asking you to share it with us. 

By sharing our stories and learning about the journey others have faced in overcoming their difficulties, we learn that we are not alone. Sharing can help others through similar issues, it can help us grow. Sharing can grant us the strength to find our voice, which can ultimately lead us on the path to self discovery.

Sharing can inspire, it can heal. So join me. Share your story and together, we can bring a little peace and lightness into the hearts of those who need it the most.